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Exciting Adventure Activities in Yakutat, AK

Yakutat is a fantastic destination with many activities that suit any traveler. You will surely create happy memories by doing adventure activities in Yakutat, AK. For more information about them, feel free to contact us. In addition to our world-class hunting and fishing, below are examples of what our Southeast Alaskan destination offers.


Come enjoy a peaceful walk along the endless stretches of black sand beach. This offers a rare opportunity to discover treasures that wash up from the Gulf of Alaska. Locals and visitors also love to find glass fishing floats from the Pacific. You simply never know what the ocean will wash ashor

A Women with a Gun Picking Berry and Mushroom

Berry and Mushroom Picking

For centuries, the Tlingits have been gathering various berries from the temperate rainforest of Yakutat. Salmonberry, high-bush cranberry, strawberry, nagoonberry, and blueberry are some fruits you can find. Mushrooms, a delightful treat from the fungus family, are also available in the summer and fall. They make a delectable side dish for a sockeye salmon dinner. Experience picking your own fresh, in-season fruit or vegetable with us.

Glacier Tours

One of the highest coastal mountain ranges in the entire world encircles Yakutat. Many blue glaciers flow from these glacier ranges and terminate at the ocean. Nothing could be more exciting than watching the Hubbard Glacier calve from a nearby boat on the sea. Seeing Alaska’s incredible glaciers up close is definitely a wonderful experience you will remember forever.

A View of The Ocean
A Photo of a Wildlife Fox

Wildlife Viewing

Get a chance to see Alaska’s amazing wildlife, including birds of all species, moose, brown and black bears, seals, and whales. Many can be spotted while exploring the Tongass National Forest trails on foot, strolling along the shore, or going on a boat tour.


Adventurous international surfers travel to Yakutat to experience riding world-class cold waves. The wind and waves from the Gulf of Alaska break on our beaches and points, producing waves worth riding. There is even a local surf shop for board or equipment rentals.

Surf Board